Application Procedure for International Students.

  1. Applicants must submit a completed Application Form along with all required documents. The application form can be printed out, filled out, scanned and sent by e-mail to Please state on the e-mail subject as ‘App_ your name_your country’ (e.g., App_Wu_China or App_John_USA).

  2. The Admission Office will take less than 2 weeks to review all submitted documents.

  3. After completing step 2, applicants will be issued a Letter of Acceptance by e-mail and later by post. The document that demonstrates the Fee Structure and Payment Methods will also be attached.

  4. The accepted applicants will be required to make the payments to the university’s bank account.

  5. Applicants are requested a copy of the bank transfer slip, with the student’s name written above it, to be scanned and sent by e-mail to

  6. Once step 5 has been complete, a Letter of Certification written in both English and Thai will be issued and sent to the applicant by e-mail and later by post. Then the applicants can contact the nearest Royal Thai Embassy to apply for a Non-Immigrant ‘ED’ class visa for travelling to Thailand. This type of visa may valid for 2-3 months only. Further visa extensions (during the course of your studies) will be assisted by the university.

Required Documents

The following documents are required to be scanned and attached with a complete filled out application form.

  1. A scanned copy of original transcript and translated-to-English version (if the original transcript is not written in English).

  2. A scanned copy of the evidence of English Proficiency Test score.

  3. A scanned copy of Diploma or Certificate. For international students, this document does not need any translation or certification for this application process. However, it needs a proof of authenticity later before the degree can be awarded. This can be made after the course starts via the Ministry of Education in Thailand.

Transportation and Accommodation for International Students

  The university provides transportation from the airport to the campus for International students. Students who would like to have this service can make their requests by e-mail to The flight details must be provided clearly in the e-mail. This request should be made immediately after the flight has been confirmed. The university also helps finding proper accommodation for our students. For an international student who would like to have this service, please send your request to right after receiving the Letter of Acceptance.

Download Application Form here!!

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