Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Qualification: B.Eng (Bachelor of Engineering) Related Subjects: Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering
Duration: 4 years Campus: Bangkok(Thailand), Oxford(UK), Sheffield(UK)

     The mechanical and automative engineering programme is the most flexible of our courses and covers all the essentials with an emphasis on modelling and design. You’ll be introduced to the role of engineering in business and management, and can specialise in your area of interest. Besides, you may be able to switch between our three courses at the end of the 2nd year.

      The following option shows all primary degrees offered for undergraduate students at Mahanakorn University of Technology through our undergraduate programmes in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering.

(2+2 Programme)
First 2 Years at MUT + Last 2 Years at TUOS

(4-year Programme)
Whole 4 Years at MUT

(2+2 Programme)
First 2 Years at MUT + Last 2 Years at OBU


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